2020 Event Schedule

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We are excited to announce our event calendar for 2020! Once a month, on the night of the new moon, we will be meeting to do trauma-based yoga, community building, and meditation.

With the help of Miriam Solen—the yoga instructor you met in Episode 05—we will be using the chakras, which are the seven energy centers of the body according to the Vedic tradition, to guide each experience.

We are charging $15 per event, or $100 if you register in advance for all seven classes. Send in your reservations to our Venmo account! The username is @onsovereignwings.

Here is the schedule:

Friday, January 24th            ROOT CHAKRA                7:00 pm
Sunday, February 23rd        SACRAL CHAKRA            7:00 pm
Wednesday, March 25th      NAVEL CHAKRA              7:00 pm
Wednesday, April 22nd       HEART CHAKRA               7:00 pm
Friday, May 22nd                  THROAT CHAKRA            7:00 pm
Saturday, June 20th              THIRD EYE CHAKRA        TBD
Monday, July 20th                 CROWN CHAKRA             TBD

We will also be hosting a big fundraiser the weekend of May 15th, and another retreat with WOMB in the middle of September. We invite you to any and all gatherings that appeal to you, and hope these in person gatherings will aid and support your healing.

With love,
Amber Richardson
Host of On Sovereign Wings


Underneath the Cracked Foundation

OSW Podcast Brand Shoot
In our latest episode—which is a response to McKenna’s story—Amber and Tasha discuss some of the differences between how sexual trauma affects small children versus survivors who experience assault further along in their development. As you listen, you’ll also hear some exploration about reclaiming your sense of worth after being assaulted, as well as some ideas regarding the importance of becoming the authority of your healing journey.

Listen here, or on Apple Podcasts!

A Riverside Retreat!

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 12.21.59 PM

We are so grateful to be partnering with WOMB to offer you this opportunity. The Great Weaver is a retreat for women who feel like the fabric of their life is torn or tearing. Come be with us and start reweaving that sacred fabric!

Join us under the stars and along the Black’s Fork River for an evening (or two if you’d like to register for our VIP package) to learn about how the analogy of weaving can help us begin to sort through our beliefs when we’re experiencing an identity shift, a faith transition, or trying to pick up the pieces of our lives again after experiencing trauma. We’ll also be staging another Bathsheba HerStory night, for those of you who missed it in February. Expect to be fed in every way at The Great Weaver.

Check out the various price packages, workshops, and register for the event here!



OSW Podcast Brand Shoot

In this episode you’ll meet McKenna, a woman of wisdom who was sexually assaulted when she was 16 months old. McKenna has lived alongside the effects of trauma her entire life, a fact that endows the lessons she has learned (about her worth, healing inside and outside a therapist’s office, and agency) with hard-earned, deep, and valuable veracity.

Listen here, or on Apple Podcasts!

Lastly, we would love for you to join us at our next event: The Great Weaver retreat. Held the weekend of September 27th, The Great Weaver retreat will take place at a rustic riverside lodge two hours outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. Get more info and register here.

Storytelling as a Healing Art

OSW Podcast Brand Shoot
We’re back! After a five month break join us as we finish up our conversation about the lessons on healing Channing offered us in Episode 07. On the docket today? How telling our story and listening to stories from other survivors can help us begin to reclaim our whole and sovereign selves.

Listen here, or on Apple Podcasts!

We still have three more survivor stories to broadcast before Season 1 is over, so stay with us!

Lastly, we would love for you to join us at our next event: The Great Weaver retreat. Held the weekend of September 27th, The Great Weaver retreat will take place at a rustic riverside lodge two hours outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. Get more info and register here.

A Mountain Retreat!


For our next event we’ve collaborated with WOMB to bring you something on a wider scale than ever before. We’d love to have you join us for She is the Tree, an all day retreat in the beautiful mountains of Sundance, Utah. (Or you can opt in for the VIP portion and stay the night with us in the lodge on June 7th).

Throughout the retreat we will be focusing on finding and reclaiming our power as women. We’ll incorporate yoga, a discussion on Mary Magdalene, delicious food, guided imagery, workshops, journaling, presentations, and a restorative circle into the agenda to help us meet this goal.

Get ready for a beautifully rejuvenating day crafted in the spirit of candor, power, and love. We’d be so happy to have you come join us. Register for She is The Tree at this link!

P. S. This event will touch on sexual assault even less than our previous gatherings! Like, hardly at all. As always everyone is invited.

Trauma Versus the Law of Chastity


Inspired by Channing’s story, Tasha and Amber talk about the differences between experiencing sexual trauma and breaking the law of chastity, and how taking a more merciful approach to both can help women heal.

Listen here, or on Apple Podcasts!

You have two more days to register for our next event, “A Garden Walk with Scriptural Heroines.” Cost is 48 dollars, and the event will be held in the Ashton Gardens in Lehi, Utah. Send in your registration here to spend the morning (and lunch) with us!

Come on a Garden Stroll!

scriptural heroines-01

What do women in the scriptures have to do with sexual assault? Channing summed it up beautifully in her interview when she said, “Nourishment in the desert looks different than nourishment in a forest… but if you know where to look you can find everything you need. That’s what I found in hearing the stories of other women, in reading scriptural accounts of women who had similar experiences to mine. If you know what to look for, they’re there. And you will feel less alone, and more like you’re surrounded by beautiful queens of the desert.”

I believe as we learn to find and tell the stories of our scriptural sisters that we can begin to uncover their long hidden light. A long hidden light that will help us immeasurably in that quest to reclaim our power.

That’s why we’re so happy to invite you to our next event. We’re excited to offer you this opportunity to meet wonderful women, past and present, and make connections with new ideas and friends that will support you in your healing journey. We would love to have you join us. Please register here.


Channing tells us about the video-recorded rape she experienced in high school in this episode. She also shares valuable insights about healing through telling your story and parsing out the differences between the law of chastity and sexual assault.

Listen here, or on Apple Podcasts!

Every story we record is a vulnerable and generous offering, and we’d like to remind you to respond with care and sensitivity to this one, as you have with all of our stories so far.

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The Seed

OSW Podcast Brand Shoot

In this episode Amber leads the listener through a guided meditation designed to allow you to find, visualize, and access your most sovereign self. Listen to it here or on Apple Podcasts!

If you would like to have continued access to other meditations like this one please make a $5 monthly donation to our Patreon campaign! For every month you donate we will send you one more meditation. https://www.patreon.com/onsovereignwings

You can also reach out to Amber at onsovereignwings@gmail.com to talk about rates and availability for live one-on-sessions, which she happily conducts over the phone!